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Appraiser Liability 101 is my 4-hour online risk management course for real estate appraisers. It’s available 24/7 and consists of seven video presentations by me about interesting appraiser legal issues with a short quiz after each video. Just watch and learn. The real-world appraiser cases I talk about are interesting!

An appraiser in Hawaii recently wrote: “Your online course … was great. I was actually sorry to see it was over, and I can’t say this of any other CE class that I’ve taken.”

For appraisers licensed in AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, KY, MO, NC, NJ, OH, TN and TX, the course is available at Appraiser eLearning. (More states soon.)

Read more and purchase the course at Appraisal Liability 101 on Appraiser eLearning.

E&O Discount for Completing Appraiser Liability 101: Appraisers who are insured by LIA Administrators & Insurance Services and who complete the course become eligible for a discount on their E&O premium (once per year). In most states (any state other than CA, CO or MA), the E&O discount is $70 or the amount you paid for the course (whichever is lower) if the per claim limit of your policy is $500,000 or above, or $40 if your claim limit is lower. So, basically the course works out to being free or almost free. In CA, CO and MA, the discount is currently $50 if the per claim limit of your policy is $500,000 or above, or $25 if your claim limit is lower.  Please check with LIA if you have detailed questions about your applicable E&O discount.