Who is Peter? What is Appraiser Law?

I am attorney Peter Christensen. My legal practice is focused on serving the real estate valuation community, including individual appraisers and small firms.

While many of my clients are national companies and institutions, Appraiser Law is a special resource I have crafted just for individual appraisers and their firms to bring them first-class legal counsel at an affordable cost. Please read more about it on the "About Appraiser Law" page.

This site is devoted exclusively to Appraiser Law.
The Christensen Law Firm's primary site is at www.valuationlegal.com.

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Learn the details about Appraiser Law. It's a legal plan specifically for appraisers from the Christensen Law Firm. Appraiser Law enables individual appraisers to engage the Christensen Law Firm at greatly discounted rates.

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Learn more about Peter Christensen and the Christensen Law Firm on the firm's primary website. This site is specifically for the Appraiser Law legal plan.

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